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What To Look For In Logo Designers

There really are hundreds (if not thousands) of logo designers out there. How do you choose?

Here are some things to look out for...

1. Now he's a happy camper...

I once had a client who came to after being very disappointed with the work of a fairly high profile design firm he had hired. I was obviously eager to hear from him what they did wrong so I could avoid doing the same.

Turns out they just didn't TALK to him.

He showed me the concept designs they sent him and they were not bad, but those designs were attached to empty emails.

When I sent him our first draft, he wrote me an email to thank me for making him "feel part of the process". All we do differently is to include the designer's comments and my own comments with each draft.

Now he's a happy camper.

Finding someone who makes good logos is easy.
Finding good logo designers is not.

You need to hire someone who treats clients like clients and who runs his/her design firm like a business. I know, that's not so easy. Read on...

2. Get your logo for $4! ... Not.

Designing quality logos takes time. A lot of it. That is why they're pricey.

Fortunately competition is tough, which keeps the prices down, but you shouldn't expect to pay under $150 for a quality custom logo. Probably closer to $200. Yes, you'll find logo designers who sell "logos" for as little as $4. If you run a fly-by-night operation, buy from a fly-by-night designer. If you're serious about your business, $200 for a professional, unique logo is a good price.

Even if you're on a tight budget, you can pick up a unique pre-designed logo for as little as $95 from

3. At least 5 years experience.

Most logo designers have a portfolio of past work on their sites.

In the portfolio, look for REAL logo projects.

Inexperienced designers often have example logos where they show designs that COULD work as real logos. That's not good enough. That does not prove that the designer is actually capable of creating working logos that clients are happy with, that captivate the target audience, that look good on a web site and business card - and on the side of the company motorhome.

Personally I would not buy a logo (or any creative work) from a company that hasn't been around at least 5 years. Your logo is just too important to leave it in the hands of amateur logo designers.

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